Turbo 165 (Kipp 200 series)


  • Solely single color pad printer
  • Platform in/out movement
  • Aluminium cast machine frame
  • Pneumatic power machine operation
  • Sealed ink cup system
  • Able to print ø140mm
  • Combatible for steel, thin steel nad polymer plates
  • PLC touch screen panel
  • Interface in place
  • Automatic pad clean
  • Pad stroke and speed adjustment
  • Special functions: double ink/cycle print, dwell and delay
  • Digital pad stroke (DPS) for variable printing depth
  • Hardened ground steel shaft with impregnated bushing ensure friction- free movement
Ink cup size up to ø125,130,150,165 mm
Printing plate size 100x250mm, 150x300mm
Max Speed 800 Cyc/hr
Pad compression 3016 N
Pad cylinder 80mm
Pad carriage stroke 298mm
Power 110/220 v
Air consuption ca. 400ltr./hr
Accuracy +/- 0,05
Size (LxWxH) 1240x722x1,805mm
Weight 327 kg

PLC Control Touch Screen Panel


Platform in/out Movement


Automatic Pad Clean Function


Maximum Space for product/image with advantage of auto pad clean function