• 1-color side-way ink cup pad printer
  • For long & large image printing
  • Microprocessor control, pneumatic operated pad printer
  • Light weight, rigid aluminium cast machine frame
  • Use sealed ink cup set up
  • Compatible with long life, economy of Green plate thin steel plate and polymer plate
  • Dead-on printing plate registration for quick job change
  • Membrane switch control panel
  • Dwell function valve for texture surface printing
  • Variable pad delay prior to printing to maximize ink transfer
  • Pad stroke & speed adjustment
  • Built-in pad clean platform
  • Digital pad stroke (DPS) for variable printing depth
  • Emergency power shut-off
  • Hardened ground steel shaft with impregnated bushing ensure friction-free movement
  • High speed and smooth machine operations
  • CE safety standard
Ink cup size: Ø 90mm
Max. image size 80x350mm
Cup travel: 300,350,400,450,500 mm
Thin plate size: 125x420-620mm
Ink cup size: Ø 130mm
Max. image size 110x400mm
Cup travel: 400,450,500,550,600 mm
Thin plate size: 150x550-750mm